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Helping Law Firms find the commercial and liability insurance that best fits their budget and needs.

The Company

Burns Brokers provides insurance for clients across the country. We possess extensive knowledge in Lawyers Professional Liability insurance (LPL) for attorneys. Our agency takes care in searching for and selecting an equitable insurance carrier for the needs specific to your law firm. We understand that each law firm and business is unique, which is why we take the time to understand the specific needs of your firm so we can better guide you in choosing the best insurance carrier.


You have more important things to do with your time besides worry about insurance and we understand that. Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your needs and help find and secure the perfect insurance for your firm.

Our goal is to help you better understand the lawyers malpractice insurance market and your policy coverage features. We provide excellent customer service by ensuring prompt response times and providing knowledgeable assistance during claims and firm changes. We make securing your firm’s liability insurance simple and easy by completing applications for you, providing a detailed analysis of insurance carriers and assisting you through each step of the process.

It is our mission to make the process easy for our clients.

Burns Brokers, LLC. is a full service agency. Our agents are knowledgeable in all commercial lines of insurance and can help provide quotes for all your insurance policies. Dealing with different insurance agents and carriers can be confusing and complicated, but Burns Brokers makes your renewals simple and easy by helping you to package all of your commercial insurance policies together with one insurance agent.


We even take the extra step to simplify insurance renewals by aligning renewal effective dates whenever possible. We are committed to providing superior and prompt service to each of our clients.


Our Partners

Founded by Kaci Burns Nice and Cori Burns Miracle, sisters with over 29 years of combined LPL and Commercial insurance experience.

Kaci Burns Nice

A Colorado native, Kaci Burns Nice attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. After college, Kaci worked for several insurance agencies gaining knowledge of LPL and other commercial lines of insurance as well as establishing strong relationships with various insurance carriers.


Kaci takes pride in her experience and expertise in lawyer’s malpractice insurance. She has helped hundreds clients navigate through some very difficult situations that could have been costly to both the law firm and attorney. Whether for a solo attorney or a 100-man law firm, Kaci maintains a hands-on approach which allows Burns Brokers to find the best policy form and minimize insurance costs and exposures.

Cori Burns Miracle

Cori Burns Miracle began her career in customer service and sales, working as the director of events and sales at Cool River Steak House for 10 years. She then moved into customer service and sales in the LPL industry. After working with a LPL insurance firm, she formed Burns Brokers with her sister and colleague, Kaci Nice.


Cori prides herself on being extremely detail oriented, and she loves to help law firms find better policy forms and prices. Cori often uncovers errors made by agents of other firms and is able to correct and update these policies to ensure coverage will apply appropriately.


Cori graduated with honors from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Population Organismic Biology.

Why Us?

Burns Brokers has extensive experience in the insurance industry. We work with the majority of the insurance markets available to your firm and can easily help you make the right decisions when selecting an insurance carrier.


We have assisted with claims handling and have helped many clients out of very difficult situations with their insurance carriers and claims. We are always available to discuss claims situations or potential claims and can help you notify the insurance carrier in the proper manner. We also have extensive experience assisting firms by helping them put good practices in place by mitigating potential claims from occurring in the first place.


Our agency will work hard for your firm to ensure you always have the best possible insurance  carrier at the best price. We will shop your insurance annually to our carriers and we always stay aware of changes in the market place by checking for premium changes and products which can help save you money.


Burns Brokers helps complete your applications for you which will save you valuable time, effort, and money at your annual renewal period. We will keep your information on file so we can help complete your applications to save you time. We provide detailed comparison charts that will make it easier for you to make a decision when comparing several policies.


We can also provide financing that makes paying your annual premium easier through monthly installments and low interest rates. It is our promise to work hard for you and your business, keeping your best interest at heart at all times.

Why Us
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