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We are honored to have such great feedback from our clients

It is our pleasure to serve Law Firms and businesses large and small.

Anthony J. Centone

Anthony J. Centone P.C. | Mohegan Lake, NY

I have been working with Teressa Marion and Burns Brokers for several years now for my professional malpractice insurance. They have always acted promptly and professionally and have obtained the best policy at the best price.  I highly recommend them to any lawyer in need of malpractice insurance.

Billy Peard

Workers Legal Defense Fund, Inc. | Atlanta, GA.

Kaci Nice and her team at Burns Brokers were a delight to work with in searching for an attorney malpractice policy that met my needs and price range. As a solo practitioner, the process of shopping for insurance could have easily become daunting and inaccessibly complex. The team at Burns walked me through it every step of the way, explaining the pros and cons of each option and explaining to me in plain English the basic principles of professional liability coverage!

Burt S. Kassab, Esq.

Kullen and Kassab, P.C. | Farmington Hills, MI

Since switching our malpractice insurance policy to Burns Insurance Brokers 4 years ago, they have consistently provided us with top rate coverage at very reasonable rates. Having worked with various insurance brokers in the last 24 years, Burns Insurance Brokers’ customer service and professionalism is second to none.

Dan E. Wilson

Dan E. Wilson, Attorney at Law, LLC | Grand Junction, CO

If you like competence, excellent judgment, timeliness, courtesy and excellent customer service, Sandi Cochran is the agent for you!  I can’t say enough great things about her and Burns Brokers.

Daniel Nice

Parachute Applications, LLC. | Parker, CO

The team at Burns Brokers has treated me and my company extremely well. It is nice not to worry about my insurance and know that the people at Burns Brokers are always looking after my business' best interest when it comes to my insurance and exposure. If you want a trusted and experienced insurance broker (and why wouldn't you) then I highly recommend Burns Brokers!

David A. Sprecace, J.D., LL.M.

David A. Sprecace, P.C. | Denver, CO

I've been a client of Burns Brokers for more than a few years now. Teressa Marion and the other representatives are consistently friendly and knowledgeable, and I am confident they work hard to find excellent coverage at affordable premiums. I highly recommend them.

Dawn Bernd-Schulz

Dawn Bernd-Schulz PLLC | Washington, DC

Kaci's knowledge of the insurance business and her attention to detail was invaluable to our launch.

Ed Frado, Esq.

Law Office of Ed Frado, LLC | Greenwood Village, CO

I have worked with Teressa and Cori for several years, and each year they have made the renewal process manageable and cost-effective. They are easy to work with and are extremely thorough.

Gerald B. Mc Daniel

Law Offices of Gerald B. Mc Daniel | Colorado Springs, CO

Through good references from my colleagues, I contacted Kaci in early December 2015 to help me meet a 12-31-15 deadline for my errors and omissions insurance. My previous agent took too long to process my application which was submitted by mid-November, and did not come up with any viable alternatives to my previous carrier whose rates skyrocketed. Kaci was very friendly, professional, efficient, communicated very well and completely removed the stress of the application process with the end result of meeting my 12-31-15 deadline with a different carrier and much better premiums for similar coverage. Without reservation I would recommend her. She did all of this at the very time my beloved wife passed away on 12-7-15 from a devastating illness that consumed most of my time.

Gerry McDaniel

Gerald B. McDaniel PC | Woodland Park, CO

Teressa and Kaci, you are the best and I am very pleased with your professionalism and personal support as my agents.

Jack Cummins

Cummins & Associates, Ltd. | Chicago, IL

Cori provided us excellent service. She was extremely helpful and patient with all of our questions. It was very obvious she wanted to give us the best rates/discounts possible, plus she made sure we understood everything. Cori was always available, always prompt and always professional. It has been our great pleasure to do business with her and her team, and want you to know what an great agent she is.

James Harper

GoEdison | Englewood, CO

We're glad to have a trusted insurance company like Burns Brokers by our side. Kaci and her team have been top-notch at handling all our insurance policies and directing us on what's best for our company. Thank you Burns Brokers!

James R. Garts, III

Garts Law, LLC | Denver, CO

I worked with Sandi Cochran at Burns Brokers and Crum & Forster Insurance Company to obtain professional liability insurance for my law office.  Sandi made the entire process efficient, understandable and I believe quite fair.  Thanks to everyone at Burns Brokers & Crum & Forster, Garts Law, LLC thanks you.

Jeffrey Cullers

Cullers Law, LLC | Fort Collins, CO

Kaci was very helpful and ready to share her knowledge and advice about malpractice insurance. I knew little about my options before I contacted her. Now I feel very confident and happy with my policy. Thank you!

Jessica Williams

RPCK Rastegar Panchal New York, NY

Working with Burns Brokers has been a seamless and enjoyable experience. Kaci Nice does a wonderful job reviewing, discussing, and managing our policies which in turn allows us to focus our attention and energy on other firm matters.

Justin Ross

Ross & Associates, PC | Littleton, CO

I contacted Kaci upon the recommendation of a colleague who recommend her. I needed to get coverage in place quickly (and done over a holiday break). Kaci was more than up to the request. She exceeded my (very high) expectations and demands. She was responsive, informative, and professional. I am very happy with her services, and I give her my absolute highest recommendation as a malpractice broker.

Karl Bohnhoff

Bohnhoff & Mahoney | Lansing, MI

You did a great job getting us our insurance at this price!

Kristin Dittus, JD, LLM

Law Offices of Kristin Dittus | Boulder, CO

Cori and her team were great to work with. She was always happy to run the various scenarios I considered for opening my new practice and got back to me promptly when I had further questions. I really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her.

Lawrence D. Waxman, Esq.

Waxman & Waxman, P.C. | New York, NY

We have a small law firm in downtown Manhattan concentrating on real estate and real estate tax matters.  When our professional liability policy came up for renewal, we asked Cori Miracle of Burns Brokers, who had sent us an online solicitation, to provide quotes to see if other options were available to us.  Ms. Miracle worked with us diligently and found us a far better deal for our policy renewal.  Ms. Miracle was conscientious, knowledgeable,  equal to her word, and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her and Burns Brokers to any law firm or practitioner seeking to renew or obtain malpractice insurance.

Malea McKeown

MMK Law, LLC | Lafayette CO

Thanks so much! It truly has been a pleasure and I appreciate having someone in my corner with this.

Patrick L Lalor

Patrick L Lalor, Attorney at Law PLLC | Houston, TX

It is truly refreshing to work with someone whose attention to detail, insight and acumen are completely above reproach.  Working in the insurance industry, I have become accustomed to agents actually representing insurers more than the insureds.  That has not been the case with you.  I have felt from the very beginning that you were looking out for my best interests and seeking to protect my practice.  In doing so, I believe that you have provided me with first rate service.  Thank you very much. 

Rane’ Hoesch

Hoesch & Vander Ploeg, P.L.C. | Zeeland, MI

Working with Kaci Nice and the team at Burns Brokers Insurance has been a delight.  And who can say that when one is in the market to purchase Professional Liability insurance!  Seriously our firm found them from a solicitation they had sent by mail.   It came at just the right time.  After several years of quotes that never seemed to decrease from our then current local broker, we contacted Burns Brokers to see how they would stack up.  I was concerned using a broker that was out of state that we had no relationship with.  That fear soon was replaced with a growing relationship with Kaci.  She was prompt and forthcoming with the information she provided.  I heard from her more in the past two years than I did from our prior broker for the many years we had utilized their services.  Our firm has been  extremely pleased with their results.  I would highly recommend giving them a chance to quote your insurance needs.

Ron Dalby

Dalby & Lowrance | South Jordan, UT

Kaci took a difficult and complicated situation in our law firm, sorted out the problems and delivered an outstanding product at substantial savings. I would recommend Kaci to anybody needing insurance.

Shawn C. Whittaker, Esq.

Whittaker & Associates, P.C. | Rockville, MD

Burns Brokers and Kaci Nice are awesome! I had previously worked with Kaci, but had switched to another broker. That broker had a renewal deadline which would have caused a lapse in my coverage. I didn’t know what to do, so I contacted Kaci. She didn’t hesitate, found me coverage, and was able to have it retroactive so that I didn’t have a lapse. Although it is difficult dealing with insurance, it is reassuring to have Kaci on your side!

Stanley J. Gradisar

Stanley J. Gradisar Attorney at Law, LLC | Castle Rock, CO

What I appreciated about working with Kaci was her knowledge of the industry and in particular her knowledge of the nuances associated with being a patent attorney and the associated malpractice issues that are not germane to other attorneys. Kaci responded very quickly to my needs and secured the policy I required.

Steven Tucker

Tucker Law Firm PC | Santa Fe, NM

Burns Brokers is the best at searching through all the options and finding the best quote for my firm. They start early and give me plenty of time to make my decision, unlike some brokers who wait until the last minute and you have no time to shop with other brokers. Kaci is the best.

Tonya Price

Price Law, LLC | Denver, CO

I just started my own law firm and Sandi worked with me to figure out the type of coverage I would need and guided me through the entire process. She has continued to be available to answer questions and I would highly recommend her to any professional looking for insurance coverage.

Ariane Parisi

Law Office of Ariane Parisi, LLC | Lone Tree, CO

Thank you so much for your hard work and help in getting me insurance.  You took all the hassle out of it for me and lived up to the high praise [my friend] gave your firm.

Bob Kern, Esq.

Robert G. Kern Attorney at Law | Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you for your professionalism and help. You guys rock!

Charles J. Fitzpatrick

Egan, Fitzpatrick, Malsch & Lawrence, PLLC | Washington, DC

We have been very pleased with Burns Brokers and your company’s service. We switched to you in June, 2012, to research and recommend and then arrange for our professional malpractice insurance needs. We have been very satisfied with every aspect of your work, would strongly recommend you to others, and look forward to continuing to rely on you in the future.

Our firm has, for several years, continued to use the services of Burns Brokers in general, and Kaci Nice, in particular. We have always received prompt and professional service. We have also enjoyed reasonable professional malpractice insurance rates, because they expertly survey all options, and discuss them with us, prior to any decision. We recommend Burns, and Ms. Nice, strongly.

Dan E. Wilson

Dan E. Wilson Attorney at Law, LLC | Grand Junction, CO

What a pleasure to deal with. They have depth and breadth, with years of highly competent service and detailed knowledge of the sticky details of my insurance that I can never seem to retain. Beyond that, they are so very nice and quick to respond. I can't say enough to convey that they are the very best!

Dave Roberts

Beebe, Roberts & Bryan, PLLC | Kingston, WA

Burns Brokers gives us the renewal notifications nice and early each year. Even when we procrastinate and get back to them last minute, Burns Brokers gets a competitive quote back to us fast and without any fuss. They help us through the application procedure where we need it. Overall, working with Burns Brokers has been a great experience.

David Willson

Titan Info Security Group | Monument, CO

I am very happy with the service you all have provided thus far.

Donna Bekkedahl

Patten, Peterman, Bekkedahl & Green, PLLC | Billings, MT

Bruce and I both have commented on what a pleasure it has been to find and work with you. Thank you again for all of your help.

Erika Holmes

ELHolmes Legal Solutions, LLC | Denver, CO

You are the best ! Sandi has been so amazing to work with! Wish all my insurance peeps were so easy…

Gerald W. Spivack

Spivack & Spivack, LLC | Philadelphia, PA

For the past several years my firm Spivack & Spivack, LLC, has obtained its professional liability insurance via Burns Brokers. Originally I would compare the quotes from Burns Brokers with that of other brokers. I have found that the quotes submitted by Burns was always the best and generally the lowest. We have dealt with Cori Miracle. I am please with my relationship with her. Cori Miracle is responsive, reliable and nice.

J.P. Moore

Moore & Moore LLC | Brighton, CO

Thank you Cori. I want to say that it was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate your help, your thoroughness and your timeliness.

James C. Tienken, Esq

Tienken & Associates PC | Louisville, CO

Burns Brokers worked hard to find competitive bids on coverage, and were able to secure better coverage from a higher rated company at a lower annual premium, and that I enjoyed working with them very much. They were very helpful and guided me through the process.

James P. Berger, JD, CFP

Berger Estate & Elder Law, P.A. | Leawood, KS

I have worked with Cori Miracle and Burns Brokers for several years for our Legal Malpractice Insurance. They have always been very responsive to our needs. I also feel like they keep our premiums at a very competitive rate. I highly recommend them.

Janet R. Spies

Spies, Powers & Robinson, P.C. | Denver, CO

I am so pleased with Kaci Nice. She is attentive, responsive and always happy to help. Truly great service.

Jennifer L. Olson

Finch & Olson, P.A | Farmington, NM

I have been completely satisfied with our service from Burns Brokers, LLC. Everyone I had contact with was friendly and concerned about our situation. The service is prompt and professional. I have no complaints and will continue to use the firm for future business.

John Gosma

Gosma, Tarbox & Associates, PLC | Davenport, IA

Best our firm has dealt with.

Justin Ross

Ross & Associates, P.C. | Littleton, CO

I have been extremely pleased with Sandi Cochran and the team at Burns Brokers.  They’re responsive, informative, and I feel they have continually had my business’ best interests in mind.

Kathryn Friedman

The SAGE Law Firm Group PLLC | Buffalo, NY

You rock! Thank you so much for your professionalism, support and guidance. A true professional ...

Lawrence D. Waxman, Esq.

Waxman & Waxman, P.C. | New York, NY

Cori Miracle is a knowledgeable, personable, caring, and dedicated insurance professional.  She is a pleasure to work with.

Maggie Greene, Esq.

Margaret W. Greene, Attorney at Law, LLC | Fort Collins, CO

Sandi Cochran and Burns Brokers Insurance has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Sandi has been incredibly helpful, responsive, and on the ball at every stage, from helping me identify a policy that fits my needs, coordinating and assisting me with paperwork, and answering any questions I've had along the way. Sandi made the process with professional liability insurance easy and seamless for me, and I am incredibly grateful. I'd recommend Burns Brokers to any professional!

Monica Stuchlik

Colorado Accounting and Consulting LLC | Parker, CO

Working with you for my business insurance was an enjoyable process. I got a couple of other quotes and had to answer many questions and complete unnecessary paperwork for the other quotes. And, the rates were higher and one company wouldn't provide insurance for my consulting work. I'm so thankful my friend recommended your firm for my insurance needs. 

Peg Taylor-Margo

Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr., P.C. | Dallas, TX

Cori takes the time to research various insurance companies to find the best policy and rates. Her attention to detail and expertise is outstanding. I would highly recommend her. Burns Brokers always goes the extra mile to obtain the most comprehensive quotes. Their customer service is superior and no question ever goes unanswered. I highly recommend their company.

Robert Abrams

Abrams & Associates, LLC | Denver, CO

My thoughts are Kaci is a talented, diligent, professional agent who gets results. Those are my thoughts.

Russell S. Gill, Esq.

Russell S. Gill, P.L.L.C. | Biloxi, MS

Cori, Just a note of thanks and praise for taking care of my professional liability insurance needs on short notice. Your firm has provided top notch service, and we highly recommend you and Burns Brokers.

Shonia Shaw

Martin & Brunavs | Atlanta, GA

We have greatly benefited from the services of Cori Miracle & Burns Brokers- from convenience to saving tons of money on insurance premiums! I can appreciate the exceptional follow-up from Cori and keeping us abreast of the lowest and best insurance rates available to us!

Stephanie Suzanne

Law Office of Stephanie Suzanne | Arvada, CO

I recently needed express service getting my liability insurance reinstated and worked with Kaci Nice. She handled everything swiftly and with an abundance of care and consideration to my circumstances. Working with Kaci left me feeling confident and secure in my choice of liability insurance coverage. I feel I have made a career long relationship with this company and hopefully, with Kaci Nice. I couldn't be more satisfied!

Suzanne McKinney

V. Blake McKinney PC | Abingdon, VA

Kaci was thorough, very knowledgeable and efficient. She kept in contact and stayed on top of things. Highly recommended!

Zheila Bazleh Holloway, Esq.

The Bezleh Law Firm | Dallas, Texas

Cori was able to find several quotes that were lower than those provided by my prior malpractice group.  It was a pleasure to work with her and I appreciated her personal touch to the process.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come!

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